Weddings always look perfect, we can even say like fairytale. With this in mind no one expect that something can go wrong. In reality that is not quite right especially for wedding day outdoors, such as beach wedding.

That day I’ll always remember for several reasons, in the first place that the wedding it was one of my first in Seychelles. In the second place that was double wedding of two sisters.
Two beautiful brides organized everything for a beach wedding on the most beautiful beach in the world Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue Island, Seychelles.

Everything went according to plan, except for weather. The rain didn’t stop falling, in spite of weather the mood was at a highest level. The clouds weren’t able to ruin the happiness of that wedding day.

As a matter of fact they find a way to entertain themselves and the guests. Through the chatting, dance and playing chess time flied fast. Finally rain has stopped, that was sign for us to go to the beach. According to weather forecast all day is going to be rainy, owing to that fact we must quickly use that small period without rain for photo shot.
At the beach everything was set up for wedding ceremony. Happy couples had lot of luck with weather as they said yes on the beach. We missed the sun for a beach wedding, as a replacement we had love in the hearts, smiles on faces and happiness in the eyes.

Like Vivian Greene said “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
After the photo shooting rain started again but my lovely newlywed use that moment and had a amazing dance on the rain. In the meantime i had a chance to capture the moment of dancing under the rain.

Nothing could ruin their joy and happiness of that day. Above all I’m happy that I had privilege to be a part of that wedding day. In a case that you always ask yourself what I was doing to do if rain starts during my wedding day, don’t worry every moment can be used to create beautiful moments with help of true wedding photographer.
Beautiful beaches of Seychelles again did their magic, in spite of weather another couples said yes in Seychelles.